Advanced Humane Labs Robbery System V1


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Advanced Humane Labs Robbery System V1 18.26 13.70

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Advanced Humane Labs Robbery System V1

What does this script do?
Glad you asked! This script is a robbery script for Humane Labs! In this script you can have multiple robbers due to the system being synced with the server!

How does it work?
Glad you also asked this! In this script you start off with disabling security panels which will require pliers! Then you go onto rerouting the wires to then unlock the front 2 doors of humane labs! Once the doors unlock the robbery starts! Then you must go around and pickup chemicals placed all over the building! These pickups are synced with the server which is why it allows multiple robbers after it starts!

If this is server sided sync is it laggy or slow?
Never! I always optimize my scripts to the best of my abilities! This script runs 0.01ms while idle and 0.08ms max while the robbery is active and near the front 2 doors! This script also has many optimizations to make it less laggy by reducing the amount of if statements!

Well what would I do if people abuse it?
I have certainly thought about this and made sure it is not exploitable! If somehow someone decides to use menus to break the script then they can try all they want as there is server sided discord logs! There is tons of logs to come with this script for about everything you do is logged!


What are all the features of this?

  • Highly configurable to your liking
  • Exploit Free
  • Tons of discord logs
  • Complete robbery with police being called as well
  • 3 Items with logos that you need to do the robbery successfully
  • 3 Rewarded Items for the robbery
  • Cooldown Timer
  • Server Sided pickups which means there can be an unlimited amount of robbers!
  • Blips for locations and 3d Text
  • Highly Optimized 0.01ms while not in use, 0.08 max while in use(only occurs if next to doors while active robbery)
  • Constantly Updated
  • Lockable doors with a lockpick able door for criminals
  • Optional mask added to pedestrian when mask item is used
  • Masks and Pliers can break while using them
  • Able to fix the early police call
  • Set it so damage is inflicted if not wearing mask for specific qualities of chemicals

Advanced Humane Labs Robbery System V1

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